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They take your money but you can't use them !! The legitimate company is!!

This is the one a lot of jails have but you have to check with the jail!! They did their name so people would be fooled into thinking it was the REAL one!! My son got taken for the initial fees.. Like $48...

Right at Christmas! Why hasn't the Florida Attorney General done something about them??!???

Oh.. Because it's OK to rip off people who know people in jail???

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Shady group! Use others if possible.

I submitted and additional order by mistake and immediately emailed them of my mistake. They kept $14.99 of my money because that's in their agreement. It was a mistake that I caught immediately and they refused to credit my full amount.

I will never use them again and making it my mission to let everyone know not to use them. Extremely poor customer service and lack of respect for their customers.

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