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This is a scam. Does not work.

It took me to this site. And stole my information. I will be in touch with the FBI. I'm not going to put up with this BS.

I work hard for my money and they will NOT get one Penney of it. Had to cancel my card filling charges on them. BEWARE of them . They will not ancer any of your calls.

Or give you a refund. Cancel your card ASAP.

Or they will keep charging it and the phone number they give you will NEVER work. You've been warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Securtel Inmate Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Sep 17, 2017.
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Your going to have to just change your card number such a waste smh


Terms and Conditions are not a legal way to pass off your fraud on the unsuspecting customers. You are CON MAN and should be in prison for this organized fraud


They say canceling is free but you go online to cancel and there's no menu for cancelling



I am official representative from Securtel. Sorry About the issue which you have faced.

You must go where you want to wish.

But first you must read our "Terms and Condition page" where we have clearly mentioned everything. We are here for saving your money not get charged for high rates. But i can see some people don't follow instructions and they are in great hurry which cost them bad.

Please don't make other people fools n stop ruining our business. if you still have any issue let me know i will fix it...

to Georgeben #1375237

is that so? i am currently on hold for the 3rd time today.

IF the company is offering a legitimate service why is there a recording stating that if you are trying to reach SECURUS you have the wrong number this is NOT SECURUS and is repeated to make sure you know you have the wrong company? i have called 6 times, been disconnected or told that all lines are busy and call back later OR email... UMMM are you not a PHONE company? I managed to talk to a representative and immediately asked for a MANAGER or SUPERVISOR and was told there was not one available but she needed the last 6 numbers of the credit card information in order to access the account and/or refund the money.

Is your service so lacking that you cannot support adequate staff to answer the phones or oversee your representatives? Why are there 3 complaints with the better business bureau that were left unsatisfactorily resolved? This is what the BBB had to say... 3 complaints in the last 12 months that were closed due the The Business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer did not accept the response, OR BBB has not heard back from the consumer as to their satisfaction.

(3 complaints) My assumption is that you are hiding behing your terms of service agreement that NO ONE reads because they are generally speaking standard rules and terms and NOT full of hidden costs and fees.

Currently i have been on HOLD while your representative looks for a supervisor for 20 full minutes now. The people you have already scammed are not making your business look bad, your way of conducting business and treatment your consumers speaks for itself and its screaming SCAM!

to Georgeben #1457539

You sound like someone who is not real educated on how we do things in the United States. When I first visited your site, a couple internal alarm bells immediately went off, I have worked in the Internet Security field for a long time and brother, your site reeks of scammer.

I called the county jail in my district and nobody has ever heard of you. I might also mention the fact that the jail policy says there is just one, telephone service for inmates, from the county jail and your service is not it! You also post NO contact information, NONE. NOT SUPPORT or CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Hmmm... Also the service you are offering, your terms of service and privacy policy is a real gumption of confusion. It makes no sense, you use website and "Corporation" interchanging one with other. P.S.

You never defined (legally) what "Website" and "Corporation" really means to your policy.I am going to forward your Information to the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) "Predatory Business Practices.

The to the US Secret Service which handles Internet Crime including Fraud. And last but not least I am going to post to the Online Better Business Bureau.

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