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Unblock my phone number

How do I get my phone number unblocked?


Need to speak with an agent

Cannot get photo uploaded do i need to have a photo?


Have questions

Is this the globel tel for immates


Help please

I need to know how to register my numb with jail and what numb to give to the inmate


Adding money to inmates phone

How do I put money on inmate phone?


How to unblock

How do I unblock my calls



Why are you taking money out of my bank account I canceled your service a week or two ago. On march first you took 14dollara out of my bank .

I never used your service. Didn't want your service it was a mistake . you said you were going to reimburse me my money but your taking not giving it back .

please stop taking my money I canceled it.and I want my money back thank you. Miya doughty


My money

Why was I charged 45.98 I want my money back on my card. I did not authorize this and this account is not in my name


My money back.My card was charged n didn't know what it was for or how much.Just wanted info on this site.I'm on disability n I need my money,$45.98.This is totally "UNACCEPTABLE " No one will talk to me .I sent email over 2 weeks ago n not a Word !!!!!


So what ever came of this how do you use it?



Paid for unlimited jail calls and completely misunderstood the agreement please refund debit card


I want to cancel my account i didn’t want to order this please help me get a refund thank you


Has anyone. Ever get back their money cause I don't understand why they won't give back our money its a big rip off


How dis you cancel yours I don't see were it cancel at


Why was I charged $45.98 I want my refund

Please send my full refund


I sent the money to the wrong phone service why haven't i been refunded my money yet


Did they ever send you back your money because i did the same thing and made a mistake


No n Can't get to talk to a Person.I was just wanting information on this site n it just charged my card .I didn't know what for or how much. Something needs to be done.


This exactly thing happened to me I thought it was securus wrong typo and wrong website are they doing anything to give u your money back on ur card ?


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